“The scale in which you made your final project was above and beyond anything I’ve seen here at Simon’s Rock. This speaks to not only your ambition but your devotion to your vision. Talent, which you have plenty of, only goes so far. You demonstrated something else this semester: discipline and persistence. These qualities permeated all parts of your process. You procured the materials for the sculptures. You organized transportation to get them. You communicated with me and the tech about when you could work in the shop. Then you did the work. This is not to mention the formal, conceptual, and stylistic ingenuity of the sculpture itself.”  -Chris Domenick

“Falcon, you have been an inspiring member of the studio, leaving both of us big fans of your sense of yourself, your diligence as a participant, your sense of responsibility, planning and conscientiousness as a student, and obviously the quality and depth of your work and engagement. Your project was amazingly envisioned and executed, and video also beautifully done. We wish that you continue to bring all your various kinds of brilliances together without any hesitation, claiming spaces as your own, and using the studio space as it might suit that endeavour. You impacted the space profoundly! Thank you for that.”  -Asma Abbas

Youth Spotlight, opened two shows for national recording artists Lucy Kaplansky and Matt Nakoa, The Guthrie Center, Great Barrington, MA

“How I Learn Matters” 10 minute TEDxYouth talk, TEDxYouth, Mount Everett RS

Artwork chosen for the cover of the 2019 National 4-H Council Calendar calendar and holiday card

Merit Scholarship Recipient for Voice in 2018, for Piano in 2017 and 2016, Berkshire Music School

MA District One winner, Congressional Art Competition 2017