Endless thanks to:

My mom, Elaine Caligiuri, for your unwavering support in all my endeavors.  Ever since I was a child, you recognized and nurtured the artist in me.  Thank you for giving me the freedom to self-direct my education and for guiding me toward self-efficacy.   You have always been there for me, whether I needed a pep-talk, a ride, a new keyboard, or dinner.  I am so grateful to have such an awesome mom!

The Guthrie Center  , especially the director George, and the sound guy Jimmy Hart.  From my first open mic to my first opening, your community has always felt like home.  Thank you so much for your encouragement and opportunities when I was just starting out.  I know I will always come home to your beautiful piano and welcoming faces.

Alan Rowoth of The Big Orange Tarp, I don’t even know where to start!  It was such an unbelievable coincidence to have met you, and I can never be more grateful.  I know I would be so lost without your experienced and caring guidance.  Thank you for believing in my passion and potential, for your 2 AM advice on everything from music to technology to life itself.  And THANK YOU so much for this beautiful website!  You will never know just how special you are to me.

The New England Songwriters Retreat , your community was my first real taste of the folk world outside of my town, and it was amazing!  From your talented and knowledgeable teachers especially George Wurzbach and Ellis Paul, to your welcoming and supportive atmosphere, you folks rock!  I’m looking forward to many more years of magic and music with you!

The Berkshire Music School, especially:

Tracy Willson, Thank you for the fabulous job you do as the director of BMS.  I have you to thank for so many blessings, from scholarship opportunities, to teacher recommendations.  All the years of hard work and recitals have given me the skills to realize my dreams.  What you do is very special and I am so grateful for it!

My piano teacher Susan Hadfield, Not many people know this, but there was a time that I almost quit piano… and then I met you.  From our first lesson, you blew my mind!  You restored my passion for music, and gave me skills that are the foundation of everything I know today.  You are, to this day, the funniest piano teacher I have ever had.  You gave me a gift that is worth more than the world, and all I can say is THANK YOU.

My piano teacher Jean Stackhouse, When I as a little girl, your students were my idols.  I would hear them in Berkshire Music School recitals, and wonder if I would ever be that good.  To this day, I can hardly believe it.  You are an amazing teacher, in every way!  Thank you for how hard you try to help my sight reading skills (something close to mission impossible…).  Thank you for your support through my hand injury, and for teaching me how to work smarter not harder.  You always seem to know exactly what I need to learn, and nothing ever escapes your eyes.   The other day I found a folder of old music, and inside was the first piece you ever taught me.  I still can’t believe how far I have come since then!