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    NERFA 2019

    NERFA 2019 was amazing! I was so happy to play music with old friends, and meet new ones. Thank you especially to Mike Kornfeld at Acoustic Music Scene, Bruce Swan and the whole crew at Baker Booking/Isis Music Hall and WPKN 89.5, and Alan Rowoth and Co. at the Big Orange Tarp. My best wishes to Amy Duckett Wagner of New Faces New Songs, we missed you at NERFA this year, but are sending you and your family love.

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    BrattRock Youth Rock Music Festival 2019

    I am so honored to have been chosen, among 21 other extremely talented young musicians, to perform at Brattleboro Youth Rock Festival 2019. This event was so well organized, all the way down to a beautiful stage set-up, and super organized greenroom. Vivacious teenagers in bands and solo acts graced the indoor and outdoor stage nonstop from 2:30 to 11:00, even sound and lighting was run by youth (paid!) interns. I played a thirty-minute set, and had a blast. The event was fantastic! The audience was enthusiastic! I will definitely come back next year – even if I’m not performing. Videos and photos are up on my Instagram and Facebook, and very soon will be on YouTube… ROCK ON!!!

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    My TEDx Youth Talk is on YouTube!

    I am thrilled to announce that I recently had the opportunity to give a TEDx Youth talk at the TEDx event organized by the students of Mount Everett High School. The title of my talk is “How I Learn Matters”, and in it I explain my experiences and philosophies about education. Some of you may know that I have home schooled for my K-12 education, but very few people (except the home schooling people, themselves) really know about what we do. Of course, there are many different reasons and styles for home schooling, and they are as diverse as the families that employ them. I gave this TEDx Youth talk to explain all about my unique home schooling style, and how it has shaped me into the person I am today. If this has captured your curiosity, and wish to check it out, please follow this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=To89cH–BVI

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    Falcon Ridge 2019

    Catch me at Falcon Ridge this year! I will be playing after-stages all weekend, starting on Thursday (August 1st) at the Budgiedome http://budgiedome.org/. I will also be at the Big Orange Tarp, with all my homies from last year. Stay for awhile and you could be the first to hear some brand new songs that I created for my first album (coming soon).

    I am feeling all sorts of feels writing this post. Last year at Falcon Ridge I had been writing songs for only about three months. Through a series of miraculous events I met Alan Rowoth http://bigorangetarp.org/ and played until the wee hours of morning under his beautifully colored tarp/tent. Can’t wait for some more late-night music magic.


    Fiora Laina

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    NERFA 2018


    I am going to my first Northeast Regional Folk Alliance next weekend.  I’m hoping to make lots of new friends!  I’ll be playing in the Fiske Room in the Big Orange Tarp showcase.

    Friday 3:30-4:15 pm with Alyssa Dann and Quentin Callewaert

    Friday night (Saturday Morning) 2:30-3am with B (Oliver Esposito) and Joshua Garcia

    Saturday night (Sunday am) 2:15-3am Finale with Wabi Sabi and Kipyn Martin.